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Thank you for visiting us online. More and more, the bariatric and plastic surgery communities are working together to help patients achieve their weight loss and body image goals. In many cases, the weight cannot come off without bariatric surgery, and the excess skin is impossible to get rid of without plastic surgery. We welcome your input and want to share with you our many experiences with post-bariatric patients.

Patient Testimonials

“After gastric bypass, I lost 200 pounds. I was thrilled. But, soon I realized that all the leftover skin just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. I felt and looked terrible! Body contouring after massive weight loss made all the difference. When I decided to go ahead with the body contouring surgeries, I wanted to work with the best surgeon in the world...Dr. Cram.”

Consider us your post-operative partners.

At Iowa City Plastic Surgery, it is our goal to help our patients feel better about themselves—to feel normal. Offering more dramatic effects than the traditional tummy tuck, the belt lipectomy, performed at Mercy Hospital Iowa City, removes excess skin in the stomach, thighs, back and buttocks to address all areas affected by massive weight loss. Like the gastric bypass, the belt-lipectomy is a life-changing event for these patients.

Patients from all over the world come to Iowa City for Dr. Cram’s expertise.

Whether your bariatric patients reside in Tucson or Australia, they are welcomed to the heartland of Iowa City, which is quickly becoming the foremost hub for body contouring. 50-60% of our patients come from out-of-state and together with Mercy Hospital of Iowa City, we offer a comprehensive network of services to help patients throughout their journey. From travel arrangements, food and lodging, to pre, during and post care, our patients receive the highest level of hands-on attention.


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