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Body Contouring (post bariatric surgery) Face Breast Body Non-Invasive

For Patients

Congratulations on your weight loss. The journey to your ideal body image has begun. Whether through diet and exercise, bariatric surgery, or a combination of the two, we applaud your achievements in taking these positive first steps toward reaching your goals.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen all too often that the results of massive weight loss can have a negative or disappointing effect.

Most of the patients we see have worked hard and have lost a great deal of weight, but are still unhappy.

“I used to weigh 350 pounds and felt extremely bad about it. My health was awful, I could hardly get around... I had gastric bypass surgery two years ago and lost 200 pounds... Unfortunately, I still look and feel fat! I have worked so hard to get where I am, but I feel it might have been for nothing. CAN YOU HELP ME?

~ Actual weight loss patient

This is typical for many of our weight loss patients. Here’s why.

Skin is like a balloon. If stretched briefly, it will contract. But if skin is stretched by weight gain over long periods of time, it becomes loose and saggy. And because skin is not a muscle, it can never again maintain its original form. The result is loose, saggy skin that is impossible to diet or “exercise away.”

We can help you get rid of this loose, saggy skin forever!

At Iowa City Plastic Surgery, we’ve spent a great deal of time researching very important points of body contouring, one being translation of pull. We understand that there are skin “tethering points” throughout a person’s body that never change. The more weight a person bears, the greater the pull is on these points of the body.

Knowing this helps us in developing the very best course of treatment based on each patient’s BMI change, body type, goals and translation of pull. The result is an individual surgery plan for every individual patient.

So whether your focus is your face, upper body, arms or lower body... IS BODY CONTOURING RIGHT FOR YOU? Call us today to schedule your private initial consultation. We’ll help you set realistic expectations and discuss all your body contouring options.


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